Free workshops

In Week 5 The Bodleian Libraries are running the following FREE workshops.  Please follow the links below to book your place.

Bodleian iSkills: E-books (Tue 22 May 14.00-15.30)

The Bodleian Libraries has over 624,000 e-books, with titles in all subject areas, but do you feel confident in finding and using them? This workshop will cover finding e-books and how to use and manipulate them.

Who is this session for? Anyone who is interested

Presenters: Hilla Wait, Kat Steiner

Bodleian iSkills: E-book readers (Tue 22 May 15.45-17.00)

Reading on E-Book Readers such as Kindle or Nook and using apps for iPad and Android devices is increasingly popular, but how useful are these devices for academic work? This workshop will look at a range of devices and apps on the market and will cover key features to look out for when considering purchase. The workshop will also include an opportunity to try out a range of devices.

Who is this session for? Anyone who is interested.

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Richard Anconina in Oxford

Rencontre avec Richard Anconina

Vendredi  25 mai, 17h30

(St John’s auditorium)

 Richard Anconina est un célèbre acteur très apprécié des Français. Le grand public fait sa connaissance dans le film Inspecteur la bavure (1980) de Claude Zidi avec Coluche et Gérard Depardieu. Il retrouvera Coluche en 1983 dans Tchao Pantin qui lui vaut le César du Jeune espoir et le César du Meilleur second rôle masculin. En 1989, il est nommé César du Meilleur acteur pour Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté de Claude Lelouch avec Jean-Paul Belmondo. En 1997, le succès de la comédie La Vérité si je mens et de ses suites (2001, 2011) de Thomas Gilou le propulse à nouveau en tête du box-office. Richard Anconina est un acteur complet qui joue dans tous les registres, ce qui en fait l’un des acteurs incontournables du paysage audiovisuel français.

 Organisé par Dr Michaël Abecassis avec  Yannick Joseph, Dr Dr Pauline Souleau,  Amandine Lepers-Thornton, Virginie Traschler.

Anconina 25 May 2018

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Unlocking the door: writing from Georgia

We are very happy to present Unlocking the door: writing from Georgia. Stories and plays translated by students at the University of Oxford Language Centre and edited by Lia Chokoshvili, our Georgian Tutor. Unlocking the door 1

The book is composed of stories both in Georgian and English by

Erlom Akhvlediani (author of Aprili that we have in film version in the library)

Guram Rcheulishvili

 Lasha Tabukashvili

Goderdzi Chokheli (author of Khevsurian from Bakhurkhevi and the Melancholy of Human Beings that we have as DVDs in the library) and

Aka Morchiladze

All renowned twentieth and twenty-first century Georgian authors.

 The translators are Oxford University students who have studied Georgian at the Language Centre.

Alex MacFarnlane is a PhD student working on the reception of Alexander the Great in medieval Armenian literature.

Clifford Marcus studied PPE at Keble College. He now works as a Translator and is based in Oxford.

Emily Tamkin studied an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies at St Antony’s College.

Geoffrey Gosby recently completed his DPhil in linguistics. He has been involved in translating Georgian for several projects.

Oliver Matthews is a student at Jesus College, reading French and Russian.

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New! Intensive weekend on 5-6 May!

TT Weekend Lang Courses Poster 2018 v2 18.04

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New beginner Language courses

New beginner language courses for Chinese, French, Italian, Italian, Spanish starting in Trinity Term! Apply on our website ! 🙂

New beginner Language Course

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My ERASMUS+ experience Hilary Term 2018

Erasmus+ Hilary Term Library Trainee

I have had the opportunity to work as a trainee at the Oxford University Language Centre from 15 January 2018 to 16 March 2018. Here I would like to describe what it was like for me to apply for the traineeship and how grateful I am for having this unique opportunity.

My university colleagues were always ready to travel the world with the Erasmus programme. Some of them travelled even multiple times. But it never appealed to me and I never felt the drive to go anywhere outside the Czech Republic. I liked Prague a lot and intended to stay there.

I am really not quite sure why I changed my mind on that day. It was 15 February 2017 when I received a traditional “Erasmus opportunities spam” email. I was about to dismiss it but for the first time the heading got my attention. It said: “Unikátní příležitost – stáž v knihovně v Oxford University” (transl. Unique opportunity – internship at Oxford University library). At the instant moment I knew I had to apply. I am a student of Library and Information Science at the Charles University in Prague and this was the perfect opportunity to put theory into practice in an elegant and cool way!

Even though I remember I had a beaming headache that evening, I sat down to my laptop and forced myself to read through the advert. After sending my letter of application and CV I had a mysterious feeling of completion.

The next day I got an email from the Language Centre Librarian Lucile who thanked me for my application and informed me that she will contact me in a month.

Not even a month later, on 6 March 2017 I got an email from Lucile saying that I had been short-listed for the post and that she would like to have a Skype interview with me! I was very excited and we agreed on 10 March 2017.

On that day I was nervous, even though I had been preparing for the call beforehand. Nevertheless the interview went quite smoothly. And shortly after the Skype call Lucile sent me an email saying that I had been chosen for the Library Trainee post! I couldn’t believe it, my first and only Erasmus application ever and it worked out!

After almost one year I arrived to Oxford and started working at the Language Centre. I met many people and learned many things. The previous Erasmus Trainees before me wrote about the work at the Language Centre rather thoroughly on this blog so I won’t go into much detail. But I would like to pinpoint a few great things that I experienced here:

During my stay I visited 5 other Oxford libraries (Weston, Bodleian, Worcester, St Anne’s and Oxford Internet Institute) and had VIP tours in all of them with the librarians themselves as my guides! That was something absolutely amazing! I had a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to see many behind-the-scenes places and to understand how the libraries operate!

The other pinnacle of my stay here was my University ID card. As a full member of Oxford University I had access to many facilities for free. For example I could visit some colleges, attend some events for free, have access to online courses at and of course – visit many libraries! If I were to recommend one single most picturesque place of all, I would probably recommend to visit the Taylor Institution Library. But other places were nice also – I enjoyed walking through the town a lot and I took many pictures (some of which you can see here).

And now for the last words and expressing my gratitude: Hereby I would like to thank all the people who I have met and communicated with, in particular Lucile Deslignères, the Main Librarian. Lucile’s kindness and hard-working are an inspiration to me! Mostly I admire Lucile’s passion and joy for the library work which I think many librarians nowadays lack! And I will never forget the loud laughs 🙂 we had together when going through the donated material and deciding which books to keep and which ones to give away to charity. So again, thank you for being an inspiration to me and to others!

Thank you Oxford University Language Centre for this amazing opportunity and many, many well wishes!

Pavel Samec

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Easter opening times

We are happy to say that this year we are almost open all the time during Easter vacations.

So we will be open from 8.45 am to 5 pm till Wednesday 28 March.

Then the Language Centre will be closed from Thursday 29th March to Monday 2nd April 2018 inclusive.

The library will be unstaffed from Monday 26th March till Wednesday 28th March 2018 inclusive. Sorry! Some basic help will be available at reception. There are no special vacation loans as we are closed for just a few days. Don’t panic: there are no fines!

If you are a Modern Language finalist, you should have received an email from me, telling you about the examinations. Some of them are on WebLearn but the whole collection is available, for reference only, in the library (listening comprehension and discourse topics below the magazine’s table -Welsh and Russian mags, and listening comprehension CDs in the CD collections at the end. Italian videos at the end of the video collection). Good luck to you!

Lucile and the LC teamplants downstairs

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