Farewell to OPAL

Bye bye OPAL.

The OPAL programme for learning languages will cease to exist as such. It started in 2002 and grew into the wonderful progamme we know. And we feel sorry for the number of students and staff who feel a bit sad at the moment. We can however remember all the wonderful presentations that have been given at the Centre and can browse a few OPAL posters and presentation on flickr

OPAL letter for Bob

It will be replaced, we hope, by something better. It will be the same wonderful and enthusiastic team of Language Tutors who will teach you in classes, whether during day time or early evening time. I hope you will be many to join us in the new academic year for more language learning!

OPAL 010

OPAL 003OPAL 004



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3 Responses to Farewell to OPAL

  1. Keiko Harada says:

    I’m feeling very sad…
    I loved OPAL! It has bee supported by so many enthusiastic students and has produced lots of fluent speakers of Japanese who had started from scratch!
    I hope to do my best to make the new programme as enjoyable and rewarding as our good old OPAL!

    • librarian711 says:

      Me too, I’m feeling very sad, not as a Tutor, obviously, but as someone who used to go to so many OPAL presentations and learn so much about: language levels, things to get for the library, use of technology, of images etc… But like you, I will do my best to help as much as I can in my capacity to make sure we offer wonderful courses here.

  2. abbreviation says:

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