Unlocking the door: writing from Georgia

We are very happy to present Unlocking the door: writing from Georgia. Stories and plays translated by students at the University of Oxford Language Centre and edited by Lia Chokoshvili, our Georgian Tutor. Unlocking the door 1

The book is composed of stories both in Georgian and English by

Erlom Akhvlediani (author of Aprili that we have in film version in the library)

Guram Rcheulishvili

 Lasha Tabukashvili

Goderdzi Chokheli (author of Khevsurian from Bakhurkhevi and the Melancholy of Human Beings that we have as DVDs in the library) and

Aka Morchiladze

All renowned twentieth and twenty-first century Georgian authors.

 The translators are Oxford University students who have studied Georgian at the Language Centre.

Alex MacFarnlane is a PhD student working on the reception of Alexander the Great in medieval Armenian literature.

Clifford Marcus studied PPE at Keble College. He now works as a Translator and is based in Oxford.

Emily Tamkin studied an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies at St Antony’s College.

Geoffrey Gosby recently completed his DPhil in linguistics. He has been involved in translating Georgian for several projects.

Oliver Matthews is a student at Jesus College, reading French and Russian.

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