Using the catalogue

Using SOLO, the Library Catalogue

You can search for all material available in the library on SOLO, our online catalogue.

First, select Language Centre library on the top right page to filter your search.

You don’t know the title of the item that you’re looking for? Don’t panic. Here you are a few tips to make sure you’ll find it.

Enter key words is a very useful trick and will allow you to filter your search.

NEW: for non-latin writing system, if may be possible to find new materials by typing these alphabets on your keyword, for example Arabic, Chinese or Russian in SOLO. Caution: make sure you are selecting the right alphabet in your computer, for example Urdu not Arabic, for finding Urdu resources.

For example, all films are sorted on the library catalogue and can be searched for by title or by director.

Let’s picture this: you’re looking for an Italian film set in Rome:

  1. Try entering key words such as: Film; DVD; Rome. You’ll find your key words have been highlighted to help you skimming the results.
  2. Scroll the list down and click on “details and links” to have more information about the film.
  3. To know where the item is located in the library click on “find and request”, you’ll find the call number or shelf mark of the selected item. Also, you will be able to know the status of the item.

Looking for a Swahili learning book and CD? Try with the following key words: Swahili book + cd.

German film set during world war? Type German, DVD, world war.

Perhaps you would like to know what films you can find in a particular language. The easiest way is to type the language you’re interested in, followed by the words “film” and “DVD”. For example, try entering the following key words: Korean, film, DVD and you’ll have a full list of all our films in Korean language.

Also, when viewing the set of versions make sure that the sort order is set to relevance. This will ensure that the items which most closely match you search criteria (see the little box saying “sorted by” on the top page).

Easy peasy!

For more information on how to use SOLO catalogue visit Oxford LibGuides

Marta Triberio, ERASMUS 2017.


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