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Italian library section

The Language Centre has a wide collection of Italian novels, graphic novels, reference books, self-teaching textbooks and films.

In the novels’ section, we have Elena Ferrante’s L’amica geniale: infanzia, adolescenza (My brilliant friend), the first story of a four books series. The writer surprises the reader with the private story of a friendship between two girls from Naples, Lila and Elena. The writer’s identity is a mystery as she signs her novels with a pseudonym, leading many scholars to propose their own theories on the author’s true identity based on the clues she leaves behind in her stories; will you be able to hazard a guess yourself?

If you are passionate about theatre and your Italian is of an advantaged level, you may want to challenge yourself with the detailed overview of 20th century Italian theatre presented in Il teatro del Novecento da Pirandello a Fo by Franca Angelini. Follow the stream of her interpretation and learn more about the political and social engagement of Italian theatre.

If you have never read a comic before, then Corto Maltese will definitely get you into comics. Written by Hugo Pratt, it is the most famous Italian graphic novel and a brilliant example of the genre.  Here is the link to Appuntamento a Bahia. In this episode Corto Maltese, Steiner and Tristan Bantam are sailing by the coast of French Guyana heading to San Salvador de Bahia. Once there, Morgana, Tristan’s stepsister, will help him to solve a mystery about their father, but along the way, they will be met with a series of exciting situations and obstacles.

Would you like to improve your Italian out of the classroom? Then give Perfect your Italian a try. Each topic comes with a range of activities to enable you to start a conversation, perfect what you already know and put your speaking skills to the test, whilst articles and interviews will be very useful for improving your reading ability. Don’t panic! All activities vary in length so you can set your own working pace.

Culture is generally shaped by a country’s arts and that is particularly true of Italy and films. Italian through film: The classics is a guide to the milestones of Italian film history. You will enrich your vocabulary with the essential terminology required to talk about films and you will also be able to give a satisfactory synopsis of the story thanks to the activities at the end of each chapter. You will analyse the characters’ personalities and both the social and historical context they are part of. Will you be hiding from the Nazis in 1944 Rome or will you be chasing a bike thief in post-war Rome?

Don’t forget that we have a wide collection of film classics, so if you read about them, you will also be able to watch them. Here are some examples of essential Italian cinema: Ladri di biciclette by Vittorio de Sica, Rocco e I suoi fratelli by Luchino Visconti, Uccellacci e Uccellini by Pier Paolo Pasolini or La strada by Federico Fellini.

Last but not least, the library staff are friendly and keen to answer any queries. 🙂

Marta Triberio, ERASMUS




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