Here is a commentary about one of our Russian Tutors, Marina Bogdanova, who went to the workshop. The books have now been purchased by the library:

In week 6 of Michaelmas Term I attended the workshop, organized by Tatyana Linaker ( of Modern Language Centre, Kings College London, Strand Campus to promote a series of unconventional textbooks authored by Ignaty Diakov, who, while teaching Russian to the City bankers, designed his course to make the Russian language study process a bit more bearable for adult learners.

Designed for B1-B2 level of proficiency, two books in the series of the study texts contain stories, which deal with many basic conversational grammar structures and the core vocabulary required for business and every day life, phrases used in city and home environments. Verbs of motion receive particular attention.

The workshop consisted of a masterclass (50 min) and an interactive discussion based on a chapter 3 of text book The Story Sensation, aimed at A1 level of proficiency.

I personally would not use this type of supplementary reading material for my class, but would highly recommend it to be acquired by our library, since Oxford University graduates quite often aim to work for the City banks and this unconventional course could be quite useful for self-study.

Marina S. Bogdanova


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