The best three months of my life

Internship Report (September-December 2016) at Oxford University Language Centre

I would like to thank Christine Mitchell, Lucile Deslignères and all other members of staff for giving me the opportunity to work with them. For me it was a unique experience to live in the UK and to work with such lovely people. I’m sure that this experience will be capital in my education and in my future career.

I am a graduate student from Italy. As part of the programme of Foreign Languages and Modern Literatures, I was expected to work for 250 hours as an intern for a company.
I decided to take this chance to go abroad as an Erasmus student instead of working in my country because I wanted to learn as much as possible about British culture and I wished to improve my English skills.
During my stay several activities have contributed to achieve a number of goals.
So I was introduced to all staff members and I had a brief interview with the administrator in order to set specific goals and collect more information about my job.
For three months I’ve been getting an insight into the work of a staff member at the Language Centre, especially in the library.
During my second week I’ve been trained as a library assistant, this was my main job during the internship as well as the place where I’ve spent most of my time.
My job was to provide support to the librarian by giving induction tour of the library to the students and by registering new visitors on the library system. Furthermore, I was in charge of placing back the different learning materials on the shelves and covering the librarian during her lunch break. I also helped students find materials on the shelves, helped the librarian in digitising audio-materials for the VLE (virtual learning environment) and was in charge of periodicals (getting them in the shop and placing them on the periodicals’ table)
I also provided support to the administrator at the Oxford Examination School. My job there consisted in presenting the Language Centre to the students, answering to their questions about our activities and attending conferences.
Starting from the beginning of Michaelmas Term I also took part in English Communication Skills class. This was a great opportunity to improve my English as well as to meet new people from all over the world and make new friends.
In conclusion the internship was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I gained new skills that will be important in my future career, I improved my language skills and my fluency, I learnt how to deal with different people in different situations and I became more responsible.
At last this internship has given me new motivation to pursue a career in linguistic and learning environment. Also, I have discovered a true passion for librarianship and I feel really grateful for this opportunity.

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