My internship in Oxford

Now my 6 week internship comes to an end and I can say very proudly that I enjoyed every single day here in the Language Centre. In Germany I also work in a library and it was really helpful to learn more about other library systems. During my internship I’ve got the opportunity to work in different areas. I wrote a blog during my internship (written in German) where I posted things that happened in the Language Centre, about my visits and what I did in my freetime.

The first two weeks were an introduction to the place and I’ve learned a lot about the library and the Language Centre. After my first week I knew where I could find every type of books, DVD’s and CD’s. Also I learned how the classification system in the library works and got a rsz_img_20160509_165621good  idea how to support students. In the second week I learned about the circulation policies in the library and could provide all this information to the readers and students. Furthermore, I was able to help readers with the self-issue machine and to register them in the library system ALEPH. It was exciting to find out how I can use ALEPH to find the shelf-mark of books and help students finding them on the shelves. Through my contact with the students I learned which words are good to explain something in an easy way.

rsz_img_20160405_115920In the third week a work experience pupil joined the library and Lucile allowed me to show and tell her a bit about the Language Centre library and libraries in general. Together we did the technical processing of books, like RFID tagging and stick them with the shelf marks. For me it was the week in which I learned more about the acquisition policies in the library and the pupil and I tried to find new DVD’s which would fit in the library collection.

The topic of the fourth week is hard for each librarian because no librarian likes it to weed their books. In my library in Germany are the weeding policies completely different to those in the Language Centre because the Centre tries to offer always the newest edition for languages taught in the centre. So I’ve learned in my fourth week how to search for new editions and how to find out which books are borrowed often and which not. Always when I came with a rsz_img_20160504_102823new full trolley Lucile asked me: “Are you sure that there is a book left in my library?”

A really important thing in libraries is the cataloguing. You want readers to find your stock in the online catalogue and know exactly which book it is. So you have to describe them in a way everybody understands. For that reason we have cataloguing rules such as RDA. It’s a standard for the cataloguing and we use it in Germany also. Nevertheless it is hard to catalogue a book in a system which you don’t know and in a language which is not your mother tongue but Lucile understood my struggles and was always happy to help me.

Now in my last week I have to write a lot of reports and to fill out several forms for my


Harris Manchester College Library

school and the ERASMUS+ programme.  What I really enjoy is to write reports about my visits in other libraries and I had a lot of them. Lucile organized them so that I could see the different libraries, such as  College Libraries, Department Libraries and the Weston Library. I’m really thankful for all the librarians and trainees who answered my questions and took the time to show me their libraries.

It was an amazing internship and I want to say thank you to everyone who was a part of it. I got a lot of new views and I also learned a lot about libraries and library systems which will help me in my future working life.

(all photos taken by me)


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