My Work Experience Week

I have enjoyed my week here at the University of Oxford Language Centre immensely. I have had an interesting and delightful time here and I’m very glad I was able come here for my work experience.

Because of this, I am now able to understand and discover what it takes run a library and found that it was quite complicated but enabled students to work almost hassle free. The organisational skills of Lucile Deslignères, Librarian, are amazing as she has managed to arrange the library in such a way that it is easy to find what you ne417ed.

Thankfully, I had the chance to take part in this organisation when Library trainee, Emmi, showed me how books and CD’s etc were put away. To start, it was surprisingly difficult but the many labels and shelfmarks were a great help and I was soon able to put items in their correct place.

The social media and resources available are, as I discovered, very intriguing. Some showed news from all around the globe and in many languages so it was good practice for those learning a new language yet also kept them up to date with current affairs. The Library’s Twitter and Facebook also told students about any latest books or events that the library was involved in which I thought to be incredibly useful.

Lucile provided many questions about the library for me to answer, using the website and also my research skills. It was entertaining and interesting as it helped me explore and grasp more fully what the library was about and how it was organised behind the scenes.

I was able to also take part in repairs and RFID tagging when some new books and CD’s were delivered. It was great to see how much time was put into making people’s lives easier when they were looking for certain items.

I also learned a lot about other libraries, here in the UK and around the world. It was fascinating to see how many languages were stored in just one building and how many programs were available for language learning all over the globe.


A conference about the University’s intranet, WebLearn, was also held. It was interesting to see how it worked and the different options that were now available to students and tutors because of it.

My work experience also enabled me to practice my German skills as Emmi and I were asked to find German films on German amazon for the library. This was great as I was able to discover different movies from different countries which was really fun and I also found some movies that looked very entertaining, though most looked very serious and dramatic.

I am so thankful to Lucile, Emmi and all the staff here at the library who have made this week so enjoyable and a wonderful experience for me.

Rhiannan Davies

All pictures by me

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