UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD UNDERGRADUATES REQUIRED for a study on Language History and Novel Symbol Mapping Ability

(Ethical approval granted under MSD-IDREC-C1-2015-183)

at the Department of Experimental Psychology, 9 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3UD

The below is posted on behalf of Helgi Clayton McClure, a 3rd year Psychology and Linguistics student

The study is part of my undergraduate research project on language history and symbol learning. The project looks at whether there are differences in ability to associate new symbols with given number values, depending on participants’ language history. The project is innovative, investigating a new potential link between the traditionally separate research areas of language and numerical cognition.

I need undergraduate volunteers from among the population of the University, representing a wide range of linguistic backgrounds. This means people with various first languages, as well as any additional languages acquired at home, while living abroad or through formal teaching – even just to a basic level. The only absolute requirement is that you speak some English, as the experiment will be carried out in English (if you’ve read this far, you’re in!)

The study will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and all participants will be entered into a CASH PRIZE DRAW as a thank-you for your participation. Please contact Helgi Clayton McClure at or on 07722 208815 for further information and to arrange a study slot.



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