New Beginner Taster classes starting in Trinity Term 2015!

As usual, this Trinity Term we will be offering several New Beginner Taster classes, for University members who wish to get a taste of a new language starting from scratch!

Tthe languages we will definitely be offering are French and Spanish, at the times below:

French New Beginners Taster
Tuesdays 10:00 – 12:00
Tutor: Isabelle Dubuisson
Click here to see the syllabus
Coursebook: Alter Ego + Level 1 Livre de l’élève plus CD by Annie Berthet, Catherine Hugot, Veronique M. Kizirian, Béatrix Sampsonis and Monique Waendendries, (Hachette). ISBN: 9782011558107

Spanish New Beginners Taster
Thursdays 15:00 – 17:00
Tutor: Esmeralda Frances-Martinez
Click here to see the syllabus
Coursebook: Nuevo Prisma Fusión A1+A2 – Libro del alumno + CD Edinumen ISBN: 9788498485202

German Speaking New Beginners Taster
Mondays 18:00 – 20:00
Tutor: Christina Hell
Click here to see the syllabus
Coursebook: Menschen A1/1 Kursbuch mit DVD-ROM Franz Specht, Sandra Evans, Angela Pude (ISBN 978-3-19-301901-1)

You can now register for these new courses using the Online Registration Page on our website. You’ll be notified in 0th week of Trinity Term if we are able to offer you a place.

Note that these classes are designed to be a standalone taster course for the language. If you wish, you can choose to continue onto the regular Beginners classes in Michaelmas Term, but there would be some repetition of material. Though since you have a long summer vacation in between, a bit of revision would be useful!

Contact if you have any questions about these courses!

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