Watching films and television series for language learning

I have read an interesting article in a blog today Are you Wasting your time watching foreign language movies? The key points were that yes, you can waste your time watching those films. Most importantly you must: watch films you have already seen, over and over, with and without subtitles. And also, watch television series. Those are shorter, and the language, generally simpler than films. In the library, we have many films and television series, most of them with English subtitles, but also, sometimes, subtitles in the language spoken in the film, or French (for some German and Russian films). We also have collections, such as the “inter nationes” collection which is only in German and consists of films, documentaries, interviews and plays. The list of all films, series, documentaries, is available to view on the Language Centre Library main page. It will also let you know if there are subtitles or not. The collection is available to watch on site or can be borrowed for a duration of two weeks.181

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