Paid research posts available for graduates with language skills!

The Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom is looking for graduate students to work with Professor Timothy Garton Ash on Free Speech Debate. This is a multilingual, global online research project on free speech, concentrated on the 13-language website, which students are encouraged to visit.

We are looking for students with native-speaker language skills in English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese, Turkish, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Farsi, Japanese and Urdu. We are also looking for students with expertise in the study of freedom of expression (including law, both common law and continental European law, philosophy, and other disciplines), journalism (including experience of online editing), the internet, the use of social media and open educational resources.

Hours are flexible and the position is paid at the research assistance rate of £12.50/hour. We would very much prefer students who would be here until the end of the academic year 2015/16 (i.e., summer 2016), although others may also apply. You would be working with a stimulating and diverse team. For more details and to apply please email, attaching CV and indicating native-speaker languages and other relevant expertise.  Application deadline is 5th December. Interviews for those shortlisted will be held in early January.

Free Speech Debate

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