The Language Exchange Board

At the beginning of this term we gave our Language Exchange Board a much needed overhaul. Now it is much easier to browse the languages and leave your details!

How does the Language Exchange Board work?

This is a free facility for all staff and students at Oxford, as a way for individuals to share their native skills in exchange for support with the language they wish to learn or improve. You leave a slip with your details, including which language(s) you can offer someone help with, and the languages that you wish to improve. The board is regularly updated, so check to see what’s new!

You are welcome to use the Roman Bath area of the Language Centre as a meeting place for your exchanges, and it can be a relaxed, fun way to help build on your language skills, as well as make new friends!


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3 Responses to The Language Exchange Board

  1. Misato Koike says:

    I’m a student in oxford and I study English.
    I really want to improve my English skill, so please help me!
    I’m from Japan and I’m 26 years old.
    I’m working at Japanese company as well.
    If you are interested in Japanese, couture , business, we can talk about it.
    I like watching movie, art and foot ball, also.
    Please contact me:)!

    • librarian711 says:

      If you are a student at Oxford University you can be part of our language exchange. Otherwise, you can join electronic language exchanges or see whether of not your school/university has a language exchange programme.
      Best wishes,

      • Misato Koike says:

        Thanks very much.
        I’m a not university student, I’m a EF school student.
        I’m interested your suggestion of electoronic language exchange.
        How can I join it :)??

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