Film Night – Retrospective

So – it was our much anticipated (for us, at least!) Film Night last night. We showed L’Auberge d’Espagnole and over 20 keen students attended. From our sign in sheet, I’m pleased to see that it was students across our courses, so not just French, but also German, Spanish, Italian and EAS courses as well! It’s good that it seemed to appeal to a range of students.

The popcorn flowed (in three flavours, no less), and despite one short technical hitch with the DVD getting stuck (we do apologise for this – but hopefully it can be thought of as a short intermission!) everything seemed to go smoothly.

I for one enjoyed the film a lot, it was funny and entertaining, and had Spanish and English bits as well as French. I hope everyone would agree that overall the evening was a success – thank you very much to everyone who came!

Here’s some of our audience just before the film started:Image

So, did you attend, and if so, what did you think? What could we improve on for next time? And most importantly, what films would you like to see at future events? At the momen we are leaning towards a German film… Leave us your thoughts below!

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