My Work Experience Week (Ryan Perrett)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience here at the University of Oxford Language Centre. I have been able to work with several experienced and professional individuals who have provided me with opportunities to further my knowledge of the world of work in many different ways.

I have primarily worked with Mrs Christine Mitchell, the administrator at the language centre, performing tasks such as transferring data from a spread sheet to a word document, creating schedules, filing documents, and even calling a company to order supplies that were running low. Through this, I have been able to see that there is more work that needs to be done at the language centre than merely teaching classes, but it requires effort and organisation to make sure that everyone is in the right places at the correct time with all of the appropriate materials to succeed in performing the necessary tasks.

I have also worked with the IT officer, Martin, in creating new web pages on web learn to assist a new group that was formed. He also instructed me on how he created the website using html and css in order to easily manipulate the webpage into displaying what you want.

I have worked with Geoff, the technical officer, who I worked with in selecting an appropriate CCTV system to install. He also brought me along during an access audit which was eye opening to me as it revealed how you must think about guaranteeing the same facilities for everyone, which is extremely critical as no one should ever be denied an opportunity to learn.

Moreover, I have worked with Lucile, the librarian, on sorting books into the correct language, the correct alphabetical order. She also gave me a tour around the library, which allowed me to see how they organised it in the simplest way possible to assist students in finding books.

library 003

I have also attended several classes in the language centre giving me the opportunity to not only further my interest in languages, but also granting me the ability to see how classes are run and what the teachers have to do in order to give their students the best education possible. I even attended an oral exam given by one student, and it allowed me to see how teachers assist their students in pressure situations, and the student who performed in the situation was absolutely excellent.

Besides that, I was able to gain other skills when I looked at some CV’s that were sent in to apply for an assistant’s position, allowing me to see how different individuals present themselves, and how I might present myself when applying for positions in the future.

Overall, I have been thrilled by my experiences at the Language Centre, it has been a very worthwhile week in which I have been able to procure many different skills for work that I might do in the future. I want to thank those at d’Overbroecks who set this opportunity up for me, but more than that I want to thank everyone who assisted me at the language centre, who made this a fruitful and enjoyable experience I will never forget.

Ryan Perrett

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More television channels available!

Kim 002We now have a substantial amount of channels available either on our televisions (Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish) but also on our computers in the library. We now have television channels in new languages such as Dutch, Estonian, Farsi, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese, Somali, Thai, Vietnamese and a few more channels for our languages taught such as Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

A explanatory leaflet is near each computer to help you find the channel of your dreams!481(available on the library computers, first and second floor)

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Schreker Kammersymphonie
Coenen-Rowe A Cosmic Joke
Kandinsky/de Hartmann, orch. Schuller The Yellow Sound

Tuesday 12th May, 8.00pm (6.45pm FREE pre-performance talk with Dr Georgina Paul & Professor Peter Franklin in the Vernon Harcourt Room at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford)
Wednesday 13th May, 8.00pm
Jacqueline du Pre Music Building at St Hilda’s College, Oxford
Tickets £5, bookable here:

In this multimedia collaboration, four graduate students aim to present the aesthetic strands of two early twentieth-century works and their contemporary possibilities. A staged production of Kandinsky’s colour opera The Yellow Sound, paired with Schreker’s Kammersymphonie and Lewis Coenen-Rowe’s A Cosmic Joke, will explore the potential of staging concert works and the affective possibilities of lighting design in music.

The Yellow Sound or Der Gelbe Klang, is a 30-minute colour opera by Kandinsky and was first published in the almanac Der Blaue Reiter in 1911. Though plans for its performance never materialised, the work was eventually completed and performed in 1982 in conjunction with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The opera is divided into six ‘pictures’ and is devoid of narrative or a plot: its emphasis is on movement, colour and expression.

Spectra Ensemble

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book sales and donations! :-)

That’s it, our book sales and donations of books are back! On the ground floor you have books for free, on the second floor, in the library, you have the books on sale!

…and finally a very funny image from one of my favourite blogs…

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Training from the Bodleian Libraries

Next week the Bodleian Libraries will be running workshops on finding scholarly literature for your research and two special sessions for historians on finding sources for British and Western European History and on America and the US. Please find more details below or to view the full iSkills timetable for Trinity Term see

Bodleian iSkills: Finding Stuff – Scholarly literature for your research, Monday 27th April  (Week 1)  14.00-17.00 – A practical introduction to searching for scholarly materials to support your research, covering a range of tools for finding monographs, journal articles, conference papers, theses and more.

Who is this session for?  Postgraduates, researchers and academics.

Presenters:  Joanne Edwards, Craig Finlay, Angela Carritt, Helen Worrell

Venue:  IT Services, 13 Banbury Road  >Book online

Bodleian iSkills: Online resources for historians, Friday 1st May  (Week 1)  9.15-10.30 – A general introduction to the vast range of electronic resources which are available for all historical periods for British and West European history including bibliographical databases, biographical / reference research aids, ebooks and ejournals, web portals, and collections of online primary source materials.

Who is this session for? Students, researchers and anyone interested in this topic.

Presenter:  Isabel Holowaty

Venue:  IT Services  13 Banbury Road  >Book online

Bodleian iSkills: Sources for US history, Friday 1st May (Week 1) 10.45-12.15 –  Introduction to key information sources and collections for the study of colonial America and US history. The session will provide an overview of the primary sources available in Oxford and online, as well as guidance on locating material for your research.

Who is this session for: Students, researchers and anyone interested in this topic.

Presenter: Jane Rawson

Venue: IT Services 13 Banbury Road >Book online

What’s coming up in the iSkills Programme – See the full timetable at

Keeping up with Bodleian Libraries training opportunities: Why not follow us on Twitter at   or visit the Bodleian iSkills blog at

Questions? – Please contact

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Remember that we are open this week from 8.45 am to 5 pm with a break between 1 and 2 pm.

The library has the listening comprehension and discourse topics examinations with recordings made for the listening comprehension examinations

There are some examinations online but it is only a selection:

(or alternatively: go to the Language Centre Weblearn site, then select library).

There are also free magazines and newspapers for you to take (see picture below)

I wish you good luck in your examinations!

Best wishes,

Lucile, Librarian


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Books to give away and books on sale

We have a few books left on sale and books and mags to give away. They are in the library: books on sale when you arrive mags to give away on the left-hand side books to give away in the room next to my office in boxes. We have English, French and Zulu left.magstooffer2Most books to give away are for beginner’s level. Come and have a look! Best wishes, Lucile Librarian

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