Digital voices till 16 March

We are almost toward the end of our exhibition “Digital Voices” which is installed in the Language Centre and the Westgate Central Library.

We are hosting two videos (in partnership with the Westgate library) for

Tim Etchells – A well established british performance artist and the director of Forced Entertainment. He is also official Artist of the City of Lisbon for 2014. The work he will be producing is an adaptation of the work he produced for Hayward Gallery earlier this year. Website –

Tris Vonna-Michell – Is a british performance artist based in Stockholm who was nominated for the Turner Prize this year. We will be showing his Tate Britain performance for the first time. Website –

and a webwork by the artist Yuri Pattison an Irish artist who now lives in London. This particular online work is about room 1014 in the Mira, Hong Kong where Snowden stayed… and declared he had leaked classified documents from the NSA… Website –

011The artist Tim Etchells (with the language centre in the background!).  008The hotel room where Edward Snowden stayed while in Hong Kong. 

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books to give away… remember it’s red nose day soon !

We have quite a few books and cassettes to give away. With the possibility for you to donate to the red nose charity!

002 005 007

So far we have…

English – large selection at all levels including examination practice, strategies for study, basic English for Arabs, English for Medical professions, and intonation and accents.

Spanish – Beginners and intermediate, communication for GCSE and workbooks

French – advanced and intermediate

German – large selection for beginners and intermediate levels including workbooks

Korean – colloquial and modern conventional

Italian – beginner and intermediate

Swedish – beginner and ‘Swedish in 3 months’

Arabic – introductory colloquial Arabic and Iraqi Arabic

Thai – beginner (1 book)

Russian – Listening and conversation, workbook with answer book

Portuguese – exercise books


Zulu – 2 books with cassettes

So help yourselves! And don’t forget to donate!

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iSkills during week 8

Bodleian Libraries will be running the following workshops during week 8.

Bodleian iSkills: Your thesis, copyright and ORA (Tues 10 Mar 12.00-13.00) (wk 8)
Oxford DPhil students are required to deposit a copy of their thesis in ORA (Oxford University Research Archive). This session will focus on copyright and other issues that DPhil students need to take into account when preparing their thesis for upload to ORA.
Who is this session for: Doctoral research students.
Presenters: David Watson, Jason Partridge and Sarah Barkla
Venue: Radcliffe Science Library Training Room > Book online

Bodleian iSkills: Research Impact – citation analysis tools (Thurs 12 March 14.00 – 15.30) (wk 8) – An introduction to citation tracking and bibliometrics for calculating research impact. During the workshop we will introduce a range of ‘impact factor’ tools to find top journals and conferences, count citations and measure the impact of publications and researchers.  The workshops will cover the Journal Citation Reports, SCImago Journal Rank, Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, Essential Science Indicators, ORCID, h-index and more.
Who is this session for? Researchers, Academics, Research Support Staff and Research Postgraduates, especially in Sciences and Social Sciences.
Presenters: Juliet Ralph, Karine Barker and Kelly Schultz
Venue: Training room, Radcliffe Science Library > Book online

Keeping up with Bodleian Libraries training opportunities: Why not follow us on Twitter at   or visit the Bodleian iSkills blog at

Questions? – Please contact

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books to give away… but you can contribute too…

red nose 002books, and cassettes to give away… but you can also contribute to RED NOSE DAY! red nose 006 red nose 009

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Red red red!

red nose 001 Strange things are happening in the ground floor of the Language Centre too! red nose 003 red nose 005

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What is happening?!?

Strange things are happening in the library at the moment, seems there is an invasion of red thingiesrednosedisplay rednosefrench

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What is happening in the library?

rednoserussian rednoseselfissue rednosespanishbasque3

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