Summer training

Next week Bodleian Libraries will be running the following sessions. Please follow links to book online.

Bodleian iSkills: Open Access Oxford – what’s happening? (Tues 23 August 14.00-15.00)

A briefing on open access publishing and Oxford’s position: Green vs. Gold; funder mandates and publisher policies; Oxford Research Archive (ORA) and Symplectic; OA website/ helpline; what’s new.

Who is this session for? Research support staff, administrators and librarians, researchers and academics.

Presenters: Juliet Ralph and Kate Beeby

Venue: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

Bodleian iSkills: Authors, copyright and open access – making it work for you (Wednesday 24 August 12.00-13.00)

Authors are often unsure what rights they retain when signing the publisher agreement for a journal article. Your choices affect what you and others can do with your work. This introductory workshop deciphers the jargon and explains the pitfalls so you can understand your options and make informed decisions.

It covers benefits of retaining copyright, Copyright Transfer Agreements (CTA) compared with other Licence types (inc. Creative Commons), author rights and sharing permissions, subscription and open access articles, uploading to the web or repositories, University and funder policies (inc. REF), and the support available.

Participants are asked to bring along an example of a publisher copyright agreement that they have signed in the past or from a journal they publish in regularly. There will be time for Q and A but if you wish to send questions in advance please email using subject line: August Copyright session.

Who is this session for: Academics, researchers, postgraduate research students

Presenters: Sarah Barkla, Kate Beeby, Juliet Ralph, Sally Rumsey

Venue: Seminar Rm A, Manor Road Building

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Questions? – Please contact

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Great donation

livre 004.JPGThe best-seller novelist Clare Mackintosh has offered signed copies of her book “I let you go” in the following languages:

Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish plus the British and American (US) editions!

livre 002


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Return your items please?

Please note that we do not have a special vacation loan during the summer, ie lendings continue to be 4 weeks for books and CDs and 2 weeks for DVDs.

Therefore it would be best if you could return all your borrowing before the end of term.

Thank you very much in advance,

Best wishes,



PS: travelling with our items is a dangerous game… too many times have I heard extraordinary stories of you caught in a sand storm, your book mysteriously disappearing into the air, or falling into the sea… though I really enjoy listening to your summer adventures, the material is too damaged to go back onto the shelves… Best way to learn a language in the country, is to force yourself NOT to speak English and try your best. (if people are answering in English? Answer in the language! Again and again…)



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Training from the Bodleian libraries

In Week 6 of Trinity Term Bodleian Libraries will be running the following sessions. Please follow links to book online.

 Bodleian iSkills: Information sources for African Studies (Tuesday 31st May 10:00-11:30) Week 6

This session will introduce key information sources for African Studies. You will be shown useful finding tools to locate relevant material via SOLO and how to search them, as well as important portals and gateways to libraries and archives of online primary texts. There will be time for a brief hands-on.

Who is this session for? Students, researchers and anyone interested in the topic.

Presenters: Lucy McCann; Sarah Rhodes

Venue: Social Science Library, IT Room Ground Floor

Bodleian iSkills: E-books (Wednesday 1st June 9:15-10:30) Week 6  

The Bodleian Libraries has over 624,000 e-books, with titles in all subject areas, but do you feel confident in finding and using them? This workshop will cover finding e-books and how to use and manipulate them.

Who is this session for? Anyone who is interested

Presenters: Hilla Wait, Kat Steiner

Venue: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road

Bodleian iSkills: E-book readers (Wedesday 1 June 10:45-12:15) Week 6  

Reading on E-Book Readers such as Kindle or Nook and using apps for iPad and Android devices is increasingly popular, but how useful are these devices for academic work? This workshop will look at a range of devices and apps on the market and will cover key features to look out for when considering purchase. The workshop will also include an opportunity to try out a range of devices.

Who is this session for? Anyone who is interested

Presenters: Hilla Wait, Kat Steiner

Venue: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road

Bodleian iSkills: Getting started in Oxford Libraries (Thursday 2nd June 14:00-17:00) Week 6  

An introduction to Oxford Libraries including guidance on which libraries to use; accessing e-journals and other online resources; SOLO and other finding aids and making the most of Library services.

Who is this session for? Anyone who would like an introduction to Oxford Libraries.

Presenters: Angela Carritt & Cathy Scutt.

Venue: Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road


Weekly Open Access & ORA drop-in sessions (no need to book) to provide face-to-face support and answer all your queries on Open Access and ORA.

11:30-13:30 every Monday (except Bank Holidays) until 8th Week – Digital Scholarship Centre, Weston Library

16.00-17.00 every Tuesday until 8th Week – The Lounge, Radcliffe Science Library

Digital Scholarship Centre (Weston Library) weekly drop-in sessions (no need to book) every Monday from 25th April to 13th June, except Bank Holidays

  • Digital projects drop-in session 9.30–11.30
  • ORA and ORA Data drop-in session 11.30–13.30
  • Digital coffee afternoons, held in the Visiting Scholars’ Centre 14.00–15.00
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That’s it, at last! Our fabulous Eurecap collection of films with same-language subtitles is now available for lending for everyone ! So do come and make your choice. We have French, with little gems such as “Elle s’en va” with Catherine Deneuve, German with for example a filmography of “Rosa Luxemburg“, in Italian, the fantastic “La Grande Bellezza” and for Spanish the rather challenging but great “Relatos Salvares


library DVDs 004.JPG

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My internship in Oxford

Now my 6 week internship comes to an end and I can say very proudly that I enjoyed every single day here in the Language Centre. In Germany I also work in a library and it was really helpful to learn more about other library systems. During my internship I’ve got the opportunity to work in different areas. I wrote a blog during my internship (written in German) where I posted things that happened in the Language Centre, about my visits and what I did in my freetime.

The first two weeks were an introduction to the place and I’ve learned a lot about the library and the Language Centre. After my first week I knew where I could find every type of books, DVD’s and CD’s. Also I learned how the classification system in the library works and got a rsz_img_20160509_165621good  idea how to support students. In the second week I learned about the circulation policies in the library and could provide all this information to the readers and students. Furthermore, I was able to help readers with the self-issue machine and to register them in the library system ALEPH. It was exciting to find out how I can use ALEPH to find the shelf-mark of books and help students finding them on the shelves. Through my contact with the students I learned which words are good to explain something in an easy way.

rsz_img_20160405_115920In the third week a work experience pupil joined the library and Lucile allowed me to show and tell her a bit about the Language Centre library and libraries in general. Together we did the technical processing of books, like RFID tagging and stick them with the shelf marks. For me it was the week in which I learned more about the acquisition policies in the library and the pupil and I tried to find new DVD’s which would fit in the library collection.

The topic of the fourth week is hard for each librarian because no librarian likes it to weed their books. In my library in Germany are the weeding policies completely different to those in the Language Centre because the Centre tries to offer always the newest edition for languages taught in the centre. So I’ve learned in my fourth week how to search for new editions and how to find out which books are borrowed often and which not. Always when I came with a rsz_img_20160504_102823new full trolley Lucile asked me: “Are you sure that there is a book left in my library?”

A really important thing in libraries is the cataloguing. You want readers to find your stock in the online catalogue and know exactly which book it is. So you have to describe them in a way everybody understands. For that reason we have cataloguing rules such as RDA. It’s a standard for the cataloguing and we use it in Germany also. Nevertheless it is hard to catalogue a book in a system which you don’t know and in a language which is not your mother tongue but Lucile understood my struggles and was always happy to help me.

Now in my last week I have to write a lot of reports and to fill out several forms for my


Harris Manchester College Library

school and the ERASMUS+ programme.  What I really enjoy is to write reports about my visits in other libraries and I had a lot of them. Lucile organized them so that I could see the different libraries, such as  College Libraries, Department Libraries and the Weston Library. I’m really thankful for all the librarians and trainees who answered my questions and took the time to show me their libraries.

It was an amazing internship and I want to say thank you to everyone who was a part of it. I got a lot of new views and I also learned a lot about libraries and library systems which will help me in my future working life.

(all photos taken by me)


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My Work Experience Week

I have enjoyed my week here at the University of Oxford Language Centre immensely. I have had an interesting and delightful time here and I’m very glad I was able come here for my work experience.

Because of this, I am now able to understand and discover what it takes run a library and found that it was quite complicated but enabled students to work almost hassle free. The organisational skills of Lucile Deslignères, Librarian, are amazing as she has managed to arrange the library in such a way that it is easy to find what you ne417ed.

Thankfully, I had the chance to take part in this organisation when Library trainee, Emmi, showed me how books and CD’s etc were put away. To start, it was surprisingly difficult but the many labels and shelfmarks were a great help and I was soon able to put items in their correct place.

The social media and resources available are, as I discovered, very intriguing. Some showed news from all around the globe and in many languages so it was good practice for those learning a new language yet also kept them up to date with current affairs. The Library’s Twitter and Facebook also told students about any latest books or events that the library was involved in which I thought to be incredibly useful.

Lucile provided many questions about the library for me to answer, using the website and also my research skills. It was entertaining and interesting as it helped me explore and grasp more fully what the library was about and how it was organised behind the scenes.

I was able to also take part in repairs and RFID tagging when some new books and CD’s were delivered. It was great to see how much time was put into making people’s lives easier when they were looking for certain items.

I also learned a lot about other libraries, here in the UK and around the world. It was fascinating to see how many languages were stored in just one building and how many programs were available for language learning all over the globe.


A conference about the University’s intranet, WebLearn, was also held. It was interesting to see how it worked and the different options that were now available to students and tutors because of it.

My work experience also enabled me to practice my German skills as Emmi and I were asked to find German films on German amazon for the library. This was great as I was able to discover different movies from different countries which was really fun and I also found some movies that looked very entertaining, though most looked very serious and dramatic.

I am so thankful to Lucile, Emmi and all the staff here at the library who have made this week so enjoyable and a wonderful experience for me.

Rhiannan Davies

All pictures by me

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