My Work Experience Week

I have enjoyed my week here at the University of Oxford Language Centre immensely. I have had an interesting and delightful time here and I’m very glad I was able come here for my work experience.

Because of this, I am now able to understand and discover what it takes run a library and found that it was quite complicated but enabled students to work almost hassle free. The organisational skills of Lucile Deslignères, Librarian, are amazing as she has managed to arrange the library in such a way that it is easy to find what you ne417ed.

Thankfully, I had the chance to take part in this organisation when Library trainee, Emmi, showed me how books and CD’s etc were put away. To start, it was surprisingly difficult but the many labels and shelfmarks were a great help and I was soon able to put items in their correct place.

The social media and resources available are, as I discovered, very intriguing. Some showed news from all around the globe and in many languages so it was good practice for those learning a new language yet also kept them up to date with current affairs. The Library’s Twitter and Facebook also told students about any latest books or events that the library was involved in which I thought to be incredibly useful.

Lucile provided many questions about the library for me to answer, using the website and also my research skills. It was entertaining and interesting as it helped me explore and grasp more fully what the library was about and how it was organised behind the scenes.

I was able to also take part in repairs and RFID tagging when some new books and CD’s were delivered. It was great to see how much time was put into making people’s lives easier when they were looking for certain items.

I also learned a lot about other libraries, here in the UK and around the world. It was fascinating to see how many languages were stored in just one building and how many programs were available for language learning all over the globe.


A conference about the University’s intranet, WebLearn, was also held. It was interesting to see how it worked and the different options that were now available to students and tutors because of it.

My work experience also enabled me to practice my German skills as Emmi and I were asked to find German films on German amazon for the library. This was great as I was able to discover different movies from different countries which was really fun and I also found some movies that looked very entertaining, though most looked very serious and dramatic.

I am so thankful to Lucile, Emmi and all the staff here at the library who have made this week so enjoyable and a wonderful experience for me.

Rhiannan Davies

All pictures by me

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Dear all


In Week 1 of Trinity Term, Bodleian Libraries will be running the following workshops. Please follow links to book online:

Bodleian iSkills: Getting information to come to you (Monday 25th April 14.30-16.00)

Keeping up to date with new research is important but time consuming! This session will show you how to set up automatic alerts so that you are notified about new articles and other publications and when key web sites are updated. Participants will have the opportunity to set up RSS feed readers and/or email notifications during the session.

Who is this session for? Postgraduates, researchers and academics.

Presenters: Helen Bond and Helen Worrell.

Venue: Social Science Library, IT Room Ground Floor

Bodleian iSkills: Your thesis, copyright & ORA (Tuesday 26th April 10.00-11.00)

All Oxford DPhil students are required to deposit a copy of their thesis in ORA (Oxford University Research Archive). This session will focus on copyright and other issues that DPhil students need to take into account when preparing their thesis for upload to ORA.

Who is this session for? All DPhil Students and Research Staff

Presenters: Tuula Lindgren and David Watson

Venue: Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road

Bodleian iSkills: Moving from research question to literature review in the Social Sciences (Tuesday 26th April 14.00-16.00)

This 2 hour workshop will be invaluable for researchers hoping to find suitable literature for their literature review, for which a well constructed set of search terms and an understanding of online search engines are prerequisites. This workshop will allow researchers to use their own research questions to build a search and apply it to a range of databases. Techniques for structuring a search will be explained, an overview of key online resources for the social sciences will be given , major search tools will be explored, and strategies for approaching large results sets and sourcing papers will be discussed. This practical workshop will involve paper exercises and online activities using attendees own research topics.

Who is this session for? All DPhil Students and Research Staff in the Social Sciences

Presenters: Craig Finlay and Helen Worrell

Venue: Social Science Library, IT Room Ground Floor

Bodleian iSkills: Getting started in Oxford Libraries (Wednesday 27th April 09.30-12.30)

An introduction to Oxford Libraries including guidance on which libraries to use; accessing e-journals and other online resources; SOLO and other finding aids and making the most of Library services.

Who is this session for? Anyone who would like an introduction to Oxford Libraries.

Presenters: Angela Carritt & Cathy Scutt.

Venue: Social Science Library, IT Room Ground Floor

Referencing: Refworks for Sciences and Social Sciences (Thursday 28th April 09:30-12:30)

RefWorks is an online tool which allows you to manage your references, insert them into your work, automatically generate bibliographies and easily switch between citation styles. This introduction is open to all but the section on importing references will focus on Science/Social Science examples.

Who is this session for? All University members and alumni.

Presenters: Nia Roberts, Gigi Horsfield, Angela Carritt

Venue: Radcliffe Science Library

Bodleian iSkills: information resources for Film Studies (Thursday 28th April 14:00-15:00)

Tools and tips for starting your research in film studies. Includes an overview of the Film Studies collections at Oxford – films, books and more; effective searching for Film Studies monographs; finding Film Studies journal articles; citing films.

Who is this session for? Anyone using film resources for a dissertation, thesis or research.

Presenter: Helen Scott

Venue: Radcliffe Science Library

Keeping up with Bodleian Libraries training opportunities: Why not follow us on Twitter at   or visit the Bodleian iSkills blog at

Questions? – Please contact

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Book donation

Oxford University Press (OUP) has offered us a few books: Arabic, German and Spanish dictionaries and grammars. Many thanks to Imogen Foxell and Scarlett Nash for this!


oup books 002

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New Director for the Language Centre

Dr Jane Sherwood to be appointed as Director of the Language Centre and Oxford Learning Institute

Dr Jane Sherwood, currently Director of Graduate Admissions and Funding, will be appointed as Director of the Language Centre and Oxford Learning Institute when Dr Robert Vanderplank and Dr Stephen Goss retire as Directors in September 2016. Jane’s appointment to this overarching role is for an initial two-year period, focussed primarily on the Language Centre, with an oversight role for the Oxford Learning Institute. Her appointment will create an opportunity for a thorough review of the Language Centre, with full consultation on its operation and future place within the University.

Jane has been Director of Graduate Admissions and Funding since 2009, and is a Hugh Price Fellow of Jesus College. Jane’s previous roles at Oxford include those of Senior Tutor of Jesus College and the Deputy Head of Planning in the Planning and Resource Allocation Section.

There are no plans to replace the role of Director of Graduate Admissions and Funding; instead Nadia Pollini and Jenny Roberts will assume direct responsibility for the Graduate Admissions and Graduate Funding teams respectively. The Academic Registrar, Emma Potts, will be working closely with Nadia and Jenny over the next few months to align the responsibilities of their areas with other sections within the Academic Administration Division to ensure continued efficient use of resources to support the wide range of responsibilities within the Division.

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in the past…

People used to queue at the Language Centre for their course registration. Found this while I was clearing up my office…. those days are long gone now thanks to online registration!

queuing at the Language Centre

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Yes… this is that time of the year again…. but all is well as we are open Monday to Thursday till 8 pm, Friday till 7 pm and yes, even on Saturday morning 10 am to 1 pm.

In the library, we have past examination papers for OPAL and for the final examinations for modern linguists for the discourse topics and the listening comprehension.

Those are below the periodical’s table, and are accompanied by CDs that you will find in the CD section. In case you do not have the time to come here, there’s a selection of examinations online in Weblearn

I have also created a new copyright help page

Good luck!




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Languages Day at Brasenose College – Home Teaching Charity Jacari

On Saturday 20th February, the home teaching charity Jacari are holding a Languages Day at Brasenose College. They’re inviting people to come and learn a conversation in a language spoken by an immigrant community living in Oxford. Classes will be relaxed and interactive. They are asking for a donation of £3 for the charity for each class you attend. Cake will also be available.

Timetable for the day:
12-1pm – Nepali
1-2pm – Romanian
2-3pm – Portuguese
3-4pm – Arabic

Sign-up will be first-come first-served, and you can indicate which sessions you would like to attend by filling in this form.
Any questions, please contact Sophie at

You can also find out more about the charity on their website:

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