English idiom of the day

We have been quite artistic this summer, breaking down walls, making dust, no, that’s not that. Writing and drawing the #idiom of the day for our pre-sessional students here in the centre. Here is a few selection of different drawings and artists-in-residence…basket3 fishingforcompliments fishingforcompliments2 overthemoon pushtheboat pushtheboat2 smellarat2

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Our Pre-Sessional English Courses

Every year over the summer, the Language Centre runs Pre-Sessional courses for prospective students with offers from Oxford (and sometimes other UK universities). We run one 8-week course and two 4-week courses, starting next Monday the 28th and finishing in September.

It’s a really exciting time for the students, as for many it is their first proper visit to Oxford, and gives them a wonderful opportunity not just to improve their English skills, but get settled in, find their way around Oxford, and make friends. But it’s a great time for us staff too – it’s lovely to have the time to get to know these students, since we see them a lot more regularly during the course than those taking term-time courses. It’s really rewarding to see them grown in confidence as the course progresses, and to see them creating friendships with other international students from all over the world. There’s inevitably always a bit of a range of abilities – but the more confident students are happy to help practice conversation skills with the slightly less able ones – and of course we are too! Scarlett and Natasha are downstairs in the foyer to welcome the students each day and answer any questions they may have about life in Oxford and help them settle in. This year we have updated our ‘Student Guide to Oxford’ and we’re very excited to give each student a copy as they arrive next week.

All in all I really enjoyed last summer and being here during the courses, so we can’t wait for the first Pre-Sessional course to start next week!

Click the images below for a bigger view of our flyer. More information can be found on our website.


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The London Centre for Languages and Cultures

Today we had a visit from members of The London Centre for Languages and Cultures, a partnership between Pembroke College, Oxford, the William Morris School in Hammersmith, West London, and the Open University. More information on the Outreach page of Pembroke College here.

London visit Londonvisit1 Londonvisit3

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Open days!

A picture of our Courses Administrator and Information Officer extraordinaire Scarlett in front of the Language Centre this morning. Hope to see many of you! #openday #oxopendays

Open day, July 2014

Open day, July 2014

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Change in opening time

Just to say that our opening time for the summer vacation is

8.45 am to 4.30 pm

We hope to see you around!

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OxTalent and Green Impact Awards!

We’re quite pleased with ourselves at the Language Centre today, as in the past 24 hours we’ve been awarded with no less than THREE awards for recent projects!


Our Librarian Lucile Desligneres, and Erasmus student María Barragán, received an OxTalent award in the category of “Use of WebLearn to Support Teaching, Learning, or Outreach” – you can read about this category here on the OxTalent website. Lucile’s project was called “Providing resources for Modern Languages Students via WebLearn”. This allowed finalists to make the most of the library even when the library was closed. They posted past exam papers and other material that we know the students found really helpful for their revision.

The prize was a bottle of champagne, chocolate, an FM radio & MP3 player and coloured pens. Congratulations Lucile and María!

UPDATE: You can read more about the award here. And below is Lucile and María with their awards!


Green Impact

This year our Administrator Christine Mitchell joined the Green Impact – an environmental accreditation and awards scheme that brings together staff and students to make positive changes in environmental practice.

As a department, you can earn various awards by making the way your department runs more envrionmentally sustainable – and here at the Language Centre we managed to achieve a Silver Award, which shows great effort in less than a year of being part of the scheme!

Chris also received a personal Ecologist Environmental Hero award! This was really exciting and well deserved, as Chris has not only been at the forefront of the campaign and leading the changes, but going that extra mile by putting up a Sustainable Travel noticeboard, making sure our coffee is Rainforest Certified, and one day we also had a promotional display using an old bike in the foyer!

There are loads of little things that you can do to make your workplace more green, and most of them you could easily already be doing, like being careful about recycling, printed double-sided wherever you can, and turning lights off when not needed.

Below are the two Green Impact awards being displayed at Reception at the moment:


You can find out more about OxTalent here and Green Impact here. There should be photos from both award ceremonies up on the respective blogs soon, so I’ll be sure to add those to this post soon! Congratulations to Lucile, Maria and Chris on their awards!

Below is Scarlett and Chris receiving the Silver award for the Language Centre:

Green impact award

And here is Chris receiving her Environmental Hero Award:

Enviro hero

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Before your holidays…

A little message from the library.

Before your holidays, think about returning your books and other items borrowed as there is no special holiday lending period, which means that you have the usual 4 weeks lending for books and CDs and 2 weeks lending for DVDs.

It is also highly recommended you do not travel with material from the language centre. Each year, some material is lost, either because it has fallen in the bottom of a swimming pool, or because the luggages have been stolen…

And for those of you who are in the red list.. (ie you have not returned your items for a loooooooooong time), no harm will be done to you when you return your items, and no fine will have to be paid. You have till the end of the month to do so. (then they will be an administration charge and harm will be done… well perhaps…)

Thank you for listening,



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